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Depression is an illness

Depression is an illness that involves the body and the mind, negatively affecting how you feel and act, and the way you think. Let’s talk for a minute about what depression is not. It is not simply “feeling down.” It is not a sign of personal weakness. Finally, it is not a condition that can simply be willed away. Telling someone who suffers from depression to, “pull yourself together!” or “cheer up!” does not help – they simply can’t make themselves feel better. Depression is a mind/body issue and people experiencing a major depression need to seek professional treatment, just as they would for any other major illness.
Depression is common; an estimated one in ten adults in the United States are living with major depression. It affects almost twice as many women as men and, on average, first appears during the late teens to mid-20’s. Increasingly, younger people are reporting increased levels of stress and depression, including school-age children. Depression is also very common in older adults – in fact, older white males age 85 and older have the highest suicide rate in the U.S.

Depression Symptoms

(Depending on the individual, symptoms including the frequency, severity and duration will vary.)

  • Deep feeling